Company Profile

Polycell International Pty Ltd is part of the global Polycell group, one of the largest privately owned Bubble Wrap and EPE Foam producers in the world.  Our experience in producing Air Bubble cushioned materials dates back to the early 1970’s where our first factory in Taiwan manufactured and supplied the local industry.  From these humble beginnings Polycell spread it wings and in 1992 set up it’s Australasian operation initially producing in Brisbane.

Our entry and subsequent growth in Australia happened rapidly, and in 1995 we opened our second factory in Sydney. In doing so enabled us to provide superior service levels to this market and helped continue our growth.  By this time our product range had also grown and now incorporated a full range of Air bubble cushion, a range of EPE non cross linked foam products, along with a range of bubble style cushioned mailers.

Our focus in terms of expansion also included research into the US market, specifically California. The results of this research indicated good opportunities and in 1996 we commissioned our first plant in Los Angeles.  1999 saw the completion of our plant in Melbourne further facilitating our growth and tying up a complete presence for Polycell on the eastern sea board of Australia.

Our success can be partly attributed to positioning ourselves strategically in the main centers of Australia and being able to offer our customers an extensive range of quality cushioning materials at reasonable prices. As a result our customers and distributors alike have benefited from Polycell’s positioning and some have become the largest suppliers of packaging products in this part of the world.

As Polycell headed towards dominating the Australian market our presence in New Zealand was minimal and via export only. It was apparent that if we were to become a force in New Zealand we would need to produce locally so in 2000 we commissioned our fourth manufacturing facility in Auckland. This has enabled us to compete in this market on a more or less ‘level playing field’.

Due to the geographical nature of Australia and the large distances needed to transport goods, it became imperative that we also consider the opportunities in Perth. To date we had been servicing Perth from Melbourne and as our business grew, so did our freight costs. So in 2005 we opened our factory in Perth and as a result we have been able to offer a service level that our east coast customers now see as the industry standard.

To date, our positioning has seen Polycell become the largest producer and supplier of Bubble cushioned and related products to this market. No other bubble producer in Australasia has this capacity or capability.

Moving forward, our focuses are to continue to offer and supply our customers a quality range of packaging materials at competitive prices along with service levels that are second to none. This coupled with our ‘easy to deal with’ attitude and flexibility are reasons why Polycell should be your number one choice for protective packaging products.