SINCE 1992

Australia Family Business


The Beginnings

Polycell Australia started in 1992 in Brisbane. However, the company was originally establish by Robert Hsu in Taiwan, In 1975.  More than 30 years ago, Robert established an humble packaging material trading  company and then transformed it into bubble packaging material manufacturer, in just short few years. The company expanded and grow from Taiwan to Australia and then around the globe, seeking opptunities to investe in different world regions and  in different packaging sectors. As of now, our core manufacturing sites include Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and we have invested and collaborated with different companies in Korea and China.
We are a family oriented, privately own business and we place customer’s need first and will do our best to fullfill their needs.

“If it’s worth protecting, it’s worth Polycell”


Robert Hsu founded a company, selling packaging materials. However, as Taiwan becomes more industrialised, accompanied with booming economic growth, Robert Hsu established Polycell in 1978. By obtaining high modernised high efficiency equipment, Polycell expanded its scale as it processed packaging material that met the standards and high demands of Japanese and American businesses that set up electronics factory in Taiwan.


With rapid development of Taiwan’s economy, the demands for protective packaging material increased. To meet the needs, Polycell introduced new products by increasing its economies of scale through purchasing bubble wrap production equipment, formally transitioning itself into a company that produces professional-grade protective packaging material. By strategically researching and developing packaging material, acquiring excellent production equipment and apply cutting edge practices, Polycell has increased its range of high quality products to meet the needs of its clients, thus setting itself as a leader in Taiwan’s protective material production industry.

Going Global

In 1988, Robert Hsu came to Australia and studied the Australian market. After two years, Robert realised that Polycell must globalise in order to surpass the limits of Taiwan’s economy as an island nation. In 1992, Polycell’s overseas business office was successfully established in Brisbane, and two years later, a factory was set up in Sydney. Due to Australia’s rapid economic development, successive factories in Melbourne, New Zealand and Perth was set up. Thus Polycell planted itself firmly in the Oceanic region, and Robert looked to the America’s market. In 1996, Robert went to the United States to study its market. After 10 visits and multiple negotiations with other businesses in 1 year, Polycell has finally established its America’s overseas business office.


In the 21st Century, the market has integrated the supply chain and the internet has resulted in globalisation. In this time, changes are rapid and becoming more complicated. Thus this is a great time for Polycell to gain footholds in different parts of the globe, investing in foreign countries. Under the leadership of the its executives, the value chain of Polycell has been optimized so that it can perform to its best. In 2014, the “Korean IXPE factory” was established, with the chief aim of developing polyethylene foaming. With this technology, Polycell strives to tirelessly provide innovative solutions to its customers by producing top quality products and compete with its competitors in quality and not quantity.


As a leading large sustainable packaging material producer

Company Vision:

become a globalized comprehensive sustainable material solution provider, with innovation as its foundations so that it can always produce quality products and serve the unique needs of every client it has. Polycell will guarantee that it produces quality products with its steady development in technology. The developing team will continue to find environmentally friendly material and focus on innovation, thus presenting more quality products to customers. For many years, Polycell has met high standards in the packaging material industry. With strong development and production capabilities, Polycell has received recognition from customers in the global market. Every product that Polycell makes will need to go through many tests before it is sold to the customers. Polycell will check every detail in the products’ production because the key to perfection is in the details.


to provide innovative protective material solutions so that customers can get the best products. Polycell started with developing protective materials. However, its development of its products is no longer restricted to protective materials as Polycell has also created new products such as sound-proof construction materials, fire-proof materials, child safety protection materials and green material of wall paper so that it can provide high quality solutions to its customers. Polycell’s development team will continue to pay attention to its customer and develop products that are needed. With an innovative culture, Polycell will always provide great solutions to its customers.

Fulfilling our mission:

We will put all effort into producing quality products

Polycell will persist in providing high quality products to its customers. Every processes’ detail in production will be reviewed periodically so that Polycell’s clients will have economically viable and high quality solutions.

Long-term relationships

We believe that the growing with Polycell’s partner. We will consider our client’s competitiveness as our own competitiveness, our client’s success as our success. As a result, we strive to develop steadfast long-term relationships with our clients and become a trusted partner of our clients in their long-term success.

Develop cutting edge technology

Green technology is one of Polycell’s core competitive traits. Innovation has been Polycell’s source of growth, and due to our persistence in investing and developing sustainable technology, we are able to provide customers on every part of the glove with trend leading innovating sustainable products.


The most important mentality that Polycell has is the staff’s attitude. Pollycell will persistently convey the correct attitude to all its staff, encouraging them to be recognised experts in their post, having the same and learn under pressure. Through handwork, Polycell hopes that everyone will be proud of displaying their full potential and complete Polycell’s mission.